Transmission Station Build Study - PUC Distribution, Ontario Transmission Station Build Study -
PUC Distribution, Ontario

The PUC Distribution Inc. (PUC) system consist of two transmission station supplied with two 115 kV line from Hydro One. Each substation steps down the voltage to 34.5 kV where it is then transmitted to fifteen distribution station that transforms the voltage down to 12.47 kV.

Based on PUC system loading and configuration, our team will analyse this information and perform area studies to find the best technical and economical solution for the future loading of the electrical network. The upgrade of the electrical network may include a new build transmission station (minimum have two incoming 115 kV lines and maximum of four 34.5 kV feeders) or a partial or full rebuild of existing two transmission station. With our expertise in the power system studies, conceptual design, new and refurbishment station design and outdoor and indoor station installation, the network configuration that is most feasible technical and economically will be proposed.

Client’s name
PUC Distribution Inc.
Total cost of the project


Nature of the services

  • Asset evaluation
  • Network simulation and optimisation
  • Studies and Calculations
  • Executive summary and report for network maintenance and upgrade

Quai Multiusager, Port de Sept-Iles

Specificities of the project

  • Modeling of the existing network of PUC
  • Simulation of network in order to optimise the location of the future asset of the network
  • Provide estimation for the upgrade and maintenance of the network
  • Perform reporting and executive summary for regulatory organisation

Quai Multiusager, Port de Sept-Iles

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