Whatever the nature of your project, we can complete its construction, whether it is a building, plant, civil, maritime, electrical or telecommunications infrastructure, etc. Our multidisciplinary know-how and expertise allow us to excel in electrical infrastructure, water treatment plant and other small or large industrial projects.

When it comes to your project construction, AXC focus their actions to meet your expectations, ensure the delivery of a quality project with no cost overruns, within the prescribed timeframe and with the best health, safety and sustainable development practices.


AXC set communications strategy suited to the project based on the number of stakeholders, the various needs of each one, the different types of information and the multiple methods. AXC implement a communications plan for the stakeholders and all other actor involve in the execution of the project. Throughout the completion of the project, AXC provide the client with a complete and accurate picture of the project status.

  • Implementation of collaboration tools and software
  • Construction management platform
  • Monthly, weekly and daily reports and meetings


AXC implement a procurement strategy suited to the reality of the market while promoting healthy competition and local content. Our contractual approach is adapted to the level of risk and ensures the expectation of the clients’ requirements to the various subcontractors. Among the activities related to procurement, AXC performed:
  • Tendering and price request management
  • Proposal analyses, negotiations, contract awarding and management
  • Subcontractor qualification system
  • Factory test schedule and requirement
  • Shipping plan and delivery acceptance
  • Progressive payment planning


AXC ensure the planning, control and follow-up of all construction activities on site. AXC put qualified and experienced personal in place to ensure the smooth running of activities.
  • Mobilisation and implementation of temporary services
  • Change of scope or work management and implementation on site
  • Management of risks matrix, and application of correction action to be taken on site
  • Management of the partial payment for material and sub-contractor
  • Cost monitoring and reporting
  • Planning of activities and control of the timeframe including the critical path and compression measures
  • Monitoring of the required corrective measures and efficiency

Quality assurance and control

AXC understand that the key to a well-performing quality system, as with all systems, is the involvement and commitment of its users. This is why we convey the idea that quality is obtained through each party’s desire to produce quality work, whether it be designing, planning, communicating or building. In addition to deploying this culture to the completion of your project, we implement a quality assurance plan specific to the project that complements our company quality plan (ISO 9001 :2015).
  • Equipment factory inspection and reporting
  • Acceptance form release for material and workmanship
  • Shop drawings approvals and release for fabrication
  • Tests lab and reporting

Health and safety

Throughout the project construction, we act as General Contractor and ensure complete health and safety management on site. The health, safety and well-being of everyone is our priority, whether it is our employees, our subcontractors or anyone else accessing our site. This is why our firm goal is to complete all projects with no injury or material lost. We implement an OHS program specific to the project designed in compliance with our company OHS policy.
  • Specific OHS program
  • Organization of the manpower and equipment suited to site size and specification
  • Daily OHS meeting
  • Application of the pre-intervention risk assessment (security control list)


Prior to mobilisation at site and work execution, AXC prepare an environmental protection program based on the authorization certificates (ACs) and in compliance with our company sustainable development policy. The objective is to act preventively.
  • Monitoring of marine mammals
  • Monitoring and control of the air quality, dust emissions, water discharges, scrap
  • Development and application of precautionary environmental measures, the environmental protection plan and emergency measures

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