Engineering and conceptual

Specialized in design-construction processes, we benefit from the synergy between our construction team and the multidisciplinary engineering team at FNX-INNOV, forming a team that is focused on a common goal for success. This organization’s efficient communication ensures the integration of the vision of the builders to the work of the designers, guaranteeing the constructability of the work and a design with no oversights.
The designer-builder synergy also allows us to offer the flexibility and responsiveness needed to adapt the design and procurement strategies to match the realities of the market. This collaboration enables maximum efficiency at the conceptual stage where each improvement generates the most cost impactive influence on the project execution.

Integrating design services to the construction projects allows us to execute simultaneous engineering projects (FAST TRACK) and guarantee accelerated execution at maximum efficiency.

Management and authorisation

AXC can support stakeholders for the environmental approval, demolition approach execution, site and material rehabilitation, permit and certification of authorization. Here are a few examples of certification:
  • Energy and sustainable development (LEED v4, etc.)
  • Food (CFIA, SQF, etc.)
  • Safety (Tier III, EMP, NERC, etc.)

Engineering and multidisciplinary design

AXC can provide comprehensive support for multidisciplinary design, whether it is for the management of all line of business such as architects, strategic suppliers or any other engineering discipline executed internally via FNX-INNOV:
The design is completed in stages starting with basic engineering, which helps to offer a Design-Construction proposal and support your project business case. AXC then execute detailed engineering documents such as drawings, procurement specification, material list & specification.

Our services namely include:

  • Scope of the work definition, Work breakdown structure (WBS), design and performance criteria
  • 3D modelling and building information modelling (BIM) process
  • Value analyses (value engineering) and design reviews
  • Operational risk analyses (HAZOP)
  • Production of operations manual (operation and maintenance)

Construction planning

AXC approach offering comprehensive conceptual services helps to evaluate the performance of our design at various stages by jointly developing construction planning. This iterative process combining the effort of designers and construction specialists such as specialized contractors helps us to optimize the design and its constructability. We develop a comprehensive project management plan that namely includes:
  • Planning of resources and partners
  • Development of the procurement strategy according to the market and local realities
  • Assessment of costs and contingencies
  • Development of a timeframe and critical path
  • Analysis of risks & opportunities and implementation of a response strategy (Eliminate, transfer, mitigate, operate, share, enhance)
  • Development of a quality plan (assurance and quality control)

Our chronology of services