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À propos AXC Construction


AXC is the construction subsidiary of FNX-INNOV, a Quebec-owned engineering firm offering innovative solutions and integrated services from design to operation. We benefit from a team of experienced construction experts combined with the multidisciplinary know-how of the expert teams and professionals at FNX-INNOV.

We have a General Contractor RBQ license in addition to various other specialized licenses, which also allows us to execute some work directly when we are unable to have the work done at a fair price. We can also operate outside of Quebec and Canada.
We offer unique service to meet our clients’ specific engineering-construction needs. Specialized in turnkey approaches, we propose an approach integrated to convincing results: innovative solutions, optimized design, quality construction, consistency with client needs, expedited timelines and cost reduction.

Commissioning and maintenance

Des solutions sur mesure permettant de diminuer vos risques

Des solutions sur mesure permettant de diminuer vos risques

Tailored solutions for reduced risks

Thanks to our organization and expertise, we can provide our clients with comprehensive solutions allowing for the risks of the projects to be shared or fully assumed, whether it be costs, timelines or quality. We offer a full range of contractual delivery methods, thereby guaranteeing a tailored approach suited to the needs of the client, ranging from construction management to turnkey delivery, and even operation and financing.
Being a General Contractor with solid design skills in-house, we provide our clients with a single point of contact, which ensures accelerated execution deadlines and maximum efficiency at the preconstruction stage where there is the most influence on the project cost and where changes are the least costly.

Vision d’équipe et de collaboration

Team vision and collaboration

We offer a non-confrontational team vision whose goal is the project’s successful execution and the client’s full satisfaction. Our efficient communication ensures the integration of the vision of the builders to the work of the designers, thereby guaranteeing the constructability of the work designed. This designer-builder synergy brings greater support during construction for quick problem solving and optimum solutions based on site conditions.

Vision d’équipe et de collaboration Vision d’équipe et de collaboration

Une équipe et des services à échelle humaine

A team and services on a human scale

Our hierarchical structure is simple and composed of responsible individuals who are personally involved in and committed to the project, its success and the client’s satisfaction.
We offer proximity services ensuring a fast turnaround and direct contact with decision-making resources. Our services are flexible and adaptive thanks to the special attention we pay to the requests and needs of our clients as well as our efficiency in adapting to change. Our solutions are innovative and creative, while being practical and simple.

Éthique et probité Éthique et probité

Éthique et probité Éthique et probité

Ethics and probity

AXC believes in, values and promotes a strong culture of transparency and accountability in which no compromise is made when it comes to ethics and probity. Our Code of Ethics governs and feeds the way in which we do business, but also all of our relationships with our employees, administrators, shareholders, clients, associates, suppliers and with government authorities, in Canada and abroad. Our business is also authorized by the Autorité des Marchés Publics (AMP) to enter into public contracts.

Quality assurance

AXC implemented a quality system compliant with standard ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure that the products and services meet the requirements of the clients as well as those of the standards and rules applicable. We are committed to providing quality service and work to our clientele by completing a quality assurance plan and performing strict quality control for each project. We ensure the presence of a quality manager on all of our sites and enforce strict guidelines both internally and externally to maintain the current excellence level of our products and services.

Éthique et probité Éthique et probité

Service à la clientèle Service à la clientèle

Service à la clientèle

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction remains a priority for AXC. This is why we strive to put in place programs and policies that allow us to continuously improve our customer service.

Whether it is through our personalized interactions and exchanges, the accessibility of our facilities or the efficiency of our systems, we make it our duty to listen to our clients and partners and to meet their needs and expectations as best we can.

To learn more about our programs and policies as well as for any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] ou à nous contacter au +1-888-772-2544.

To learn more about our programs and policies as well as for any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] or contact us at +1-888-772-2544.