Conceptual phase

From the initiation and planning of a project, our multidisciplinary team is there to provide all the conceptual services, with the advantage of a complete vision of a project’s life cycle, including construction, operation and completion.

Whether it is for the management of stakeholders and approaches, the assessment of sites, the production of feasibility, opportunity and economic studies, the implementation of pilots or demonstrators or even the funding of your project, we can meet your specific needs, regardless of the project or its stage of completion.

AXC can provide conceptual design and metrics in order to allow stakeholder to take the best decision for the project objectives. We can perform preliminary cost estimation early in the project and orient the design orientation in order to optimise expenditure of projects.

Permit and authorisation

We can provide permit and authorisation technical support to stakeholders to minimise the time to execution of project. AXC has large experience in reaching the proper level of information for authorisation and permit in the following level:

  • Minister of environment (MOE) C of A
  • Minister of transportation (MTO)
  • City permit and municipal authorization
  • Utility authorization (Bell, electrical utility, Videotron, Gas utility)

Site assessments

AXC can support in site assessment of project stakeholder for selection of the best location. AXC can perform the complete series of required studies and analytic for your project. Our expertise covers the following field:
  • Environmental studies: phase 1 / phase 2 / phase 3 assessments, characterizations of the natural setting, sound impact assessment and an atmospheric dispersion simulation
  • Geotechnical studies, topographical surveys
  • Structural and civil studies and assessment of existing infrastructure or building

Business case and economic studies

AXC can support stakeholder in the elaboration of the business case of project. AXC extensive experience if life cycle of project can provide factual metrics which allow the financial advantage of project in the conceptual phase. The support of AXC include:
  • Market and trend assessment
  • Conceptual engineering including field survey and site modeling
  • Preliminary estimate and planning
  • Procurement strategy
  • Risk analysis / Assessment
  • Project presentation and promotion, funding strategy and return on investment (ROI)

Pilot tests

AXC can participate in preparation of pilot test or test bench in order to guarantee design performance can be meet at a smaller scale. AXC can provide scaling mock up which confirmed design efficiency.

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