Longlac TS is an existing Hydro One, two 25/42MVA, 115/44kV transformer station located in Geraldton, Northwest Ontario. To accommodate the upcoming Hardrock Project, the Longlac TS will be relocated to a mutually agreeable new location between Hydro One and Greenstone Gold Mines.

In accordance with Hydro One’s latest requirements, standards and best practices, the scope of work of our team include the station design, procurement support, and contract management of Longlac TS.

GGM mandated our team to complete the detailed engineering for this greenfield station, including Environmental, site preparation, protection & control, metering, teleprotection, electrical arrangement, telecom and project management. In addition to design and engineering responsibility, we were mandated to manage the site construction contract for installation and pre‐commissioning to the point of transfer of responsibility to Hydro One.

Client’s name
Greenstone Gold Mines
Total cost of the project
$18 M


Nature of the services

  • Site Survey
  • Study and network simulation
  • Permitting and authority approval activities
  • Civil and drainage design
  • Electrical station design
  • Structural and foundation design
  • Protection and control design
  • Building design
  • Studies and calculations
  • Procurement documents
  • Field Support
  • As-Built drawings & Quality Assurance

Specificities of the project

  • Installation of two power transformer 25 MVA 115 kV/44kV
  • Installation of Two high voltage line entrance 115 kV from Hydro One
  • Installation of a 44kV distribution steel structure for 8 feeders 44 kV
  • Installation of control/protection building
  • Installation of safety protection fence and access road to maintain the asset of the substation

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