Commissioning and maintenance

We ensure full commissioning of the work for all of our construction and design-construction projects. We also offer operation and maintenance services to operate your facilities, whether it be services for existing facilities or the integration of these services to your construction project. Furthermore, we can provide full involvement throughout the lifecycle of your projects given that we can complete the demolition of your infrastructures and the rehabilitation of your sites.

Our approach combining all services from the pre-project stage offers an important advantage during post-construction since it benefits from the information and experience acquired at all stages of the project.


To ensure safe start-up and conclusive results, we complete this critical step of the project thoroughly and methodically, according to the commissioning plan established. Our contractual approach is enriched by the involvement of all parties in the achievement of performance objectives and the correction of deficiencies including the designers, specialized contractors and suppliers. The purpose of this approach is to offer a quality project that fully satisfies our client and provides ongoing support for a successful transition during the operation process. To do this, we prepare complete, structured and comprehensive documentation combined with staff training for efficient handling.
  • Commissioning plan and mobilization of the commissioning team
  • Preoperational statistical verifications and mechanical completion (pre-commissioning)
  • Start-ups and adjustment (cold commissioning)
  • Functional performance tests (hot commissioning)
  • Commissioning reports and documentation (shop drawings, final as-built plans, inspection and registration certificates, operation and maintenance manual, etc.)
  • Transfer, training, occupation and operation
  • Provisional acceptance, list of deficiencies and final acceptance

Operation and maintenance

Our customized operation and maintenance services can be provided over a short period of time to provide some support or even over an extended period, which can be combined to the project funding, for full support. Our approach combining all services as of the draft proposal offers a major advantage during operation and maintenance as it benefits from the information and experience gained throughout the life of the project.
  • Program development and implementation:
Health and safety prevention and environmental protection.
Quality assurance and control guaranteeing performance and compliance. Our services namely include tests, samplings and laboratory analyses.
  • Operation: facility monitoring and control in compliance with the operation procedures and various programs established.
  • Maintenance: completion of inspections, preventive work and corrective work in compliance with the maintenance procedures and programs established
  • Management of spare parts and inventories based on the criticality index and a risk analysis.
  • Management, coordination and administration of operations, resources and consumables and production of reports for communications to the client and authorities
  • Continuous improvement of methods, tools, equipment, documentation and training.

Demolition and rehabilitation

Our team of specialists is renowned for its expertise in demolition and rehabilitation work leveraging integrated planning:
  • Decommissioning plan: structural analyses, lifting and reinforcement plan
  • Management of materials, scrap and contaminants and monitoring of the re-use of recycled material
  • Studies, environmental evaluations of the site, estimate of the environmental liabilities and restoration plan
  • Management of environmental approaches and communications with authorities
  • Site restoration: soil and groundwater monitoring program, contaminated water treatment, off-site or on-site soil rehabilitation and treatment

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