To comply with environmental standards, the Cliffs Natural Resources mining company decided to proceed to the construction of a permanent treatment plant on the Knoll Lake effluent discharge. The turnkey project consisted in the design and construction of a plant that would serve as a pumping station and for mechanical, physical and chemical treatment designed exclusively for the composition of the mine effluents produced by the Wabush Mine.

Client’s name
Cliffs Natural Resources
Total cost of the project
Project delivery methods
Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management (EPCM)
Wabush, Labrador


Nature of the project

  • Simultaneous engineering and construction with an integrated design approach
  • Preliminary and final plan and specifications designs for the overall work
  • Procurement and control management
  • General contracting and work management
  • Monitoring services
  • Quality control and assurance
    Inspection during the construction phase
    Environmental monitoring
  • Commissioning and technical support
  • Operations manual

Specificities of the project

  • Installation of a pumping well
  • Installation of submersible pumps
  • Installation of hydro-cyclone mechanical separation stations
  • Installation of conditioning stations including the storage and distribution of chemical agents

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