Expansion of the wastewater treatment system for the Olymel plant, Cornwall Système de traitement des eaux usées- Olymel

Olymel L.P. operates a hog processing plant in Cornwall, Ontario, producing fresh and pre-cooked bacon. Following a fire at Olymel’s Princeville plant, the company decided not to reopen this facility and to add smoked ham production to the Cornwall plant. This decision necessitates the short-term expansion of the Cornwall plant’s wastewater treatment system. This treatment plant has a design capacity of 735 m3/d (ultimate) / BOD5 1477 kg/d / NTK 28 kg/d.

Client name
Olymel S.E.C.
Total project cost
5 M$
Fabrication method
Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)
Cornwall, Ontario


Nature of services

  • Estimating future flows and loads
  • Simultaneous engineering and construction with an integrated design approach
  • Design of preliminary and final plans and specifications for all
  • Water treatment system selection and sizing
  • Procurement and contract management
  • General contracting and construction management
  • Monitoring services
  • Quality control and assurance
    Inspection during construction
    Environmental monitoring
  • Commissioning

Quai Multiusager, Port de Sept-Iles Système de traitement des eaux usées- Olymel

Project features

  • Pre-treatment upgrades (screening and grit removal)
  • Fine screen (1 mm) and equalization and pumping of screened water
  • Physico-chemical pretreatment by dissolved air flotation
  • Equalization and pumping of primary DAF effluent
  • MBBR reactors with K5 media support (specific surface area of 800 m2/m3)
  • MBBR effluent clarification and biological sludge thickening by dissolved air flotation
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Odor treatment with activated carbon
  • Pumping and storage of sludge and fitting out of the technical building
  • Underground basins including
    • Suitable coatings for gases
    • Waterproofing membranes
    • Structural slab (factory floor)
  • 14m x 32 steel building

Quai Multiusager, Port de Sept-Iles Système de traitement des eaux usées- Olymel

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