Olymel S.E.C. operates a pork processing plant in Cornwall, Ontario, which produces fresh and precooked bacon. After a fire broke out at the Olymel plant in Princeville, the company decided not to reopen this facility and to add the production of smoked ham to its Cornwall plant. This decision makes it necessary, on the short term, to expand the wastewater treatment system of the Cornwall plant. This processing plant has a design capacity of 735 m3/d (ultimate) / DBO5 1477 kg/d / NTK 28 kg/d

Client’s name
Olymel S.E.C.
Total cost of the project
Project delivery methods
Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Management (EPC)
Cornwall, Ontario


Nature of the services

  • Future flow and load estimate
  • Simultaneous engineering and construction with an integrated design approach
  • Preliminary and final plan and specification designs for the overall work
  • Water treatment system selection and sizing
  • Procurement and contract management
  • General contracting and work management
  • Monitoring services
  • Quality control and assurance
    Inspection during the construction phase
    Environmental monitoring
  • Commissioning

Specificities of the project

  • Upgrading of the pre-treatment (screening and degritting)
  • Fine screen (1 mm) and levelling and pumping of the sieved water
  • Physical and chemical pre-treatment using dissolved air flotation
  • Levelling and pumping of the main DAF effluent
  • MBBR reactors with k5 media support (specific surface of 800 m2/m3)
  • Clarification of the MBBR reactor effluent and thickening of the organic sludge using dissolved air flotation
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Activated carbon odour treatment
  • Pumping and storage of the sludge and development of the technical building
  • Underground basins including
  • Suitable coatings for the gases
    Waterproofing membranes
    Structural slab (plant floor)
  • Steel building of 14m x 32

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