The project consisted in developing a new contaminated soil treatment site in the Sept-Îles area. With an authorization certification from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight Against Climate Changes (MDDELCC), this new site helps to service a varied clientele, including industrial, residential and governmental, for the reception of soils and other related services (excavation and backfilling work, soil characterization, watertight treatment areas, machinery and labour, etc.). Some of the site’s major clients include IOC Rio Tinto and ArcelorMittal.

Client’s name
FNX-INNOV and Pavage Béton TC
Project delivery methods
Design-Construction-Funding-Exploitation-Maintenance (DBOOT)
Sept-Îles, Pointe Noire


Nature of the services

  • Simultaneous engineering and construction with an integrated design approach
  • Lobbying efforts aimed at authorized bodies to obtain the required approvals and authorization certifications
  • Preliminary and final plan and specification designs for the overall work
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Construction management
  • Monitoring services
  • Quality control and assurance
    Inspection during the construction phase
    Environmental monitoring
  • Financing of the work
  • Site operation

Specificities of the project

  • Site available year-round
  • 3 paved treatment areas
  • 3 paved treatment areas;
  • Total capacity of 12,000 m3 corresponding to 20,000 tons equipped with hydrocarbon tight underlying membranes
  • Independent air and water treatment
  • Confined treatment activities preventing the contamination of the surrounding area

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